We’ve created a fun, challenging social environment that fits the needs of beach athletes at every level!

Competitive Training Group

Tuesdays/Thursdays 5pm-7pm

    1. Our Adult Coed Competitive training program is built to bring upper intermediate and advanced level players together in an environment that fosters healthy competition as well as a platform for networking with other higher level players.
    2. This program combines pro-beach style skill development with high quality game-like drills, followed by game play.  
    3. Participation in the Tuesday/Thursday Competitive Adult Coed Training Group is only permitted with the approval of a Project Serve beach coach.

Beginner | Intermediate Class

Beginners Wednesdays 6PM-7PM
Intermediate Fridays 6PM-7PM

    1. Our Beginner/Intermediate Classes are designed to help players learn the proper techniques for the 4 main pillars of beach volleyball passing, setting, hitting, and serving.
    2. Our professional coaching staff specializes in breaking down highly efficient beach volleyball techniques into individual mechanics that are easily absorbed at any skill level!
    3. Whether you played in high school and want to sharpen up your skills, or if you’ve never played before, this class is perfect for you.
    4. Pass our Coed Adult Assessment Test and earn the option to move up to the next level – our Tuesday/Thursday Competitive Adult Coed Training Group!


Select Days, Please Contact for More Information

$10 dollars per class.

RSVP to Project Serve through email info@projectservevb.com


Note: Monthly training memberships can be cancelled with a 30 day notice to stop payment. Please email: training@projectservevb.com.

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